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Family Chiropractic Health Center
What Our Patients Say

What others say about chiropractic care can help you make the right health care choice. Review a selection of Family Chiropractic Health Center patient testimonials below and please email me or contact the office if you have any questions.

See you Soon !!!
Dr. Tad Reckord


Excellent Chiropractic Care and a Well-Trained, Caring Staff

I started visiting Family Chiropractic Health Center in the 1980’s not long after Dr. Tad and Dr. Van opened their practice. It has been comforting to know that I can always depend on excellent care, a well-trained and caring staff, and a fun-loving atmosphere. They even helped me find a chiropractor in another town when we moved away for three years. When we moved back to Lakeland, it was like we never left. Dr. Tad has helped keep me mobile all these years. My weekly appointment takes care of any issues before they become serious.Read more »

Even my husband is now a regular patient, getting “tune-ups” each week and especially before playing senior softball tournaments once a month. Thanks Dr. Tad, Luann, Dee, and Ashley for being there! Love you, guys!

Jan Smith

Degenerating discs

Fortunate is the patient whose physician is Dr. Tad! My good fortune in this regard began seven years ago when I moved to Lakeland, Florida. Thirty years ago I was diagnosed with degenerating discs in my neck and lower back. Orthopedic physicians advised me to take pain pills and “not look up” too much–for the rest of my life! Chiropractic care has enabled me to continue my active lifestyle since then, but I wasn’t aware of the full benefits of chiropractic medicine until I met Dr. Tad. After a thorough review of my situation, he put me on a weekly visit plan that not only has kept me healthy, but has enabled me to increase my workouts and physical activity–which of course, has improved my overall health. At sixty-four, I bike or swim every day, my blood pressure is 110/70, I take no drugs, and I have never spent a night in a hospital.Read more »

Dr. Tad has also been a remarkable diagnostician of issues not related to my spine. Once I mentioned to him that after increasing my daily biking mileage, I was having some pain in my left knee. He examined the knee and told me to adjust the height of my bike seat. I did, and the pain disappeared. Recently, I overdid it with some dumbbell exercises, and was experiencing considerable pain on my left side near my shoulder blade. Dr. Tad examined the area, and without me providing him specific details, located the precise points where I was experiencing the pain, applied a few gentle taps with his “activator,” and sent me home. Within a day I was pain free.

Regular exercise has helped keep me fit. Without Dr. Tad’s ability to keep my body balanced and in harmony, I would not be able to exercise daily at my current level. Without that exercise, I would not be as healthy as I am. Without Dr. Tad’s help, I would not be as healthy as I am.

Dr. Tad is more than my physician and health-adviser. He’s my friend. He’s always upbeat, is a great conversationalist, and a wonderful listener, who has taught me to listen to my body. A visit to his office is like a visit to your best friend’s home.

Thanks, Dr. Tad, for your friendship, and for your gift of healing.

Roy Kerr, Ph.D
Professor Emeritus of Spanish
Baseball Historian
Lakeland, Florida

My sciatic is my friend

After years of suffering from sciatic pain and dismissing chiropractic care as “quackery” I limped in to Family Chiropractic Health Center for treatment. It took a few visits to get the problem resolved; but now I snap back much quicker if my sciatic acts up.

Dr. Tad has helped with stretching and other tips to keep my back in line.Read more »

Plus after an educational session, I learned that chiropractic care can help with a wide variety of health related issues (ear infections, migraines, etc).

Family Chiropractic Health Center is just that, a family. The staff is efficient, caring and they maintain an upbeat office atmosphere. It’s fun to get your adjustment!

Thank you Dr. Tad for years of great care!

Stephanie P.

Linda W, Testimonial

Linda W

I feel much better when I do!

Since its beginning 30 years ago, I have been coming to Family Chiropractic. People ask, “Why do you still go?” I say “Because I feel much better when I Do!” Who could ask for more?

Linda W.

I found Dr. Tad in the Yellow Pages

One day a long time ago was in terrible pain in my back. I knew I needed a chiropractor so I got out my phonebook and looked at the yellow pages and there was a picture of Dr. Tad Reckord. He looked like a nice man so I called up Family Chiropractic Health Center and they saw me that very day. That was 11 years ago and I am still going once a week. I believe if it wasn’t for Dr. Tad I wouldn’t be able to walk now. I just want to say thank you to Dr. Tad, Dee, Luann, and Ashley for all of their support and help through the years. When the sign says Family Chiropractic it does mean family.

Thanks to you all.
Debbie M.

The Best Chiropractor

Dr. Tad is the best chiropractor I have ever been to and I have been to many. He was willing to spend time answering my questions and has made me feel better than I have for YEARS. He knows his stuff and the staff are friendly.

Joni M.

Dr. Tad Reckord is AMAZING!

Dr Tad Reckord is AMAZING! Just an excellent physician with a wonderful friendly staff. I have been a patient for many years and have gotten fantastic results and no high pressure “sales” type atmosphere. They offer options for treatment and payment and take most insurance. I just love the place!

Giselle D.

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